ZeeVELD is at your disposal based on self-sufficiency. It's completely your house for a few days. Would you prefer to be taken care of? Now and then or completely? Maybe these tips will help you.

Full service Super de Luxe 

  • Group size: for 10 or more persons
  • What: Culinary enjoyment with a star. Surround yourself with taste and care. Four hands, your own chef and sous-chef, are at your beck and call all day. For breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as coffee and tea, water, juices, refreshments, dishes, clean up and serve. Really something special.
  • Cost: from 135, - p.p. * For less than 10 people, the total cost will be still be approximately 1250, - 
  • Breakfast and lunch only: 85, - per person.
  • Dinner only: 75, - per person
  • Extras: alcoholic beverages based on recalculation.
  • Your contact person for quotes and further information: Chefs on Tour, Caroline de Bruin: 06-41817733; www.chefsontour.nl.

Full service Economy
• Group size: from 10 persons*
• What: your own chef in the kitchen; breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, but also coffee and thee, water, drinks, snacks, washing up and cleaning.
• Prices: from 85.00 pp. * For groups smaller than 10 persons the total price will still be about 850 euros.
• Extras: yes, included.
• Your contact person for quotes and more information: Appetite Catering: Frank Castricum, info@appetitecatering.nl


Buffet service
• Group size: from 10 persons.
• What: breakfast, lunch, snack and Italian dinner buffet, delivered by Il Gusto
• Prices: from 45.00 pp.
• Extras: yes. By appointment and subsequent calculation; coffee and snack on arrival, drinks at dinner, washing up and cleaning.
• Your contact person for quotes and more information: Saskia de Glas, info@ilgustolimmen.nl

Barbecue, sandwiches and hotchpotchs
At Butcher Mark van der Poel you can order a (gas) barbecue and meat. Or Beemster lamb on the spit. Will be delivered, installed and picked up. Excellent meat, good service. If ordered at least a week in advance, biological and/or free-range meat is also available. This butchery also offers sandwiches for lunch, surprising snacks and fresh, vacuum-packed hotchpotch meals; just heat them up in a bain-marie and ready they are.