ZeeVELD is at your disposal based on self-sufficiency. This way, for a few days, it can be like your own private home. Would you prefer your meals to be taken care of? A little bit or completely? Perhaps these tips will help you.

Full service Super de Luxe 

  • Group size: for 10 or more persons
  • What: Culinary enjoyment with a star. Surround yourself with taste and care. Four hands, your own chef and sous-chef, are at your beck and call all day. For breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as coffee and tea, water, juices, refreshments, dishes, clean up and serve. Really something special.
  • Cost: from 135, - p.p. For less than 10 people, the total cost will be still be approximately 1250, - 
  • Breakfast and lunch only: 85, - per person.
  • Dinner only: 75, - per person
  • Extras: alcoholic beverages based on recalculation.
  • Your contact person for quotes and further information: Chefs on Tour, Caroline de Bruin: 06-41817733; www.chefsontour.nl.

Full service Economy

Option 1: 
Fully catered for, organic, vegetarian or vegan. Have your retreat catered for completely organic by your own chef in the kitchen, Margot Schotanus. With many ingredients from the region, directly from the producer. Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, coffee and tea, water, fruit, drinks and home-made refreshments. Prices as indicated for a stay of 36 hours. 

From 87.50 per person excluding VAT. Subsequent calculation for alcoholic thank; minimum ten people. For quotes and information:  Margot Schotanus 06 - 199 27349

Please note that you need to set apart one sleeping room for the chef. 

Option 2
• Group size: from 10 persons*
• What: your own chef in the kitchen; breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, but also coffee and thee, water, drinks, snacks, washing up and cleaning.
• Prices: from 85.00 pp. * For groups smaller than 10 persons the total price will still be about 850 euros.
• Extras: yes, included.
• Your contact person for quotes and more information: Appetite Catering: Frank Castricum, info@appetitecatering.nl

Alternatives (organic as well): 

Lady Turkey: Elise Calkoen: 06-518 75095
Eatwelltreats: Marcia1980@live.nl 
Puur Koken met Passie; 06 - 415 47150
Farah's Table: Farah Stegeman: 06 345 36373
Daily Delicious, (veganistisch) Dimitri van Leeuwen; 06-253 25915
Ad Maas van Ad Maas Kookinspiratie; 06-383 87899

Please note that you need to set apart one sleeping room for the chef.

Buffet service budget

Option 1:

• Group size: from 10 persons.
• What: breakfast, lunch, snack and Italian dinner buffet, delivered by Il Gusto
• Prices: from 45.00 pp.
• Extras: yes. By appointment and subsequent calculation; coffee and snack on arrival, drinks at dinner, washing up and cleaning.
• Your contact person for quotes and more information:  Saskia de Glas, info@ilgustolimmen.nl

Barbecue, sandwiches and hotchpotchs

At Butcher Mark van der Poel you can order a (gas) barbecue and meat. Or Beemster lamb on the spit. Will be delivered, installed and picked up. Excellent meat, good service. If ordered at least a week in advance, biological and/or free-range meat is also available. This butchery also offers sandwiches for lunch, surprising snacks and fresh, vacuum-packed hotchpotch meals; just heat them up in a bain-marie and ready they are. 

At your request, the people of Mark van der Poel can personally serve you at the barbecue. The more ususal arrangement is for them to deliver everything and pick it up afterwards.