For mindfulness training, plant based retreat or yoga weekend.
Zeeveld hosts many a mindfulness training, plant based or yoga retreat. Because of its unique and secluded location, serene atmosphere and strong energy, but also because it has so many different spaces, not the least of which is its atmospheric chapel of no less than 93m². You can set up this space entirely at your own discretion. Meditation mats, cushions and chairs, mattresses, pillows, yoga mats, an excellent sound system and adjustable lighting: anything you need is available. And if we might not have it: we will happily make it available upon request.

Week day retreats generally can start from 9 AM and last through 4PM Mondays thru Thursdays. 

Weekends starts on Friday mornings from 9 AM and lasts thru Sundays 4 PM.

Advance parties are welcome from 8 PM the preceding evening. 

Rental costs
A maximum of 30 guests can stay overnight. The basic rental price however, is calculated for a minimum of 8 guests. With this number of guests, everyone can have their own bedroom with bathroom. Come with 15 guests and everyone has their own bedroom with some shared bathrooms. You discover prices and availability when you enter a date in the Search and Book system. For each additional guest above the number of 8, an extra price is charged per person. This you will also discover once you try this in the Search and Book system.

Extended weekend
A retreat of three nights is extra fruitful. That is why retreat groups can book an extended weekend. This starts at 7 p.m. on a Thursday evening. The extra costs amount to 35% of the entry-level rental price for the weekend concerned, plus the usual costs for the extra (i.e more than 8) attendees per person/per night, plus the chapel costs to be calculated over three nights, plus tourist tax. To book an extended weekend: take an option via the Search and Book module, and we we will then adjust the price. To get an idea of ​​the costs, see the calculation example at the bottom of this page.

Interested in renting?
Our busy rental agenda means that the possibilities to come and view the house without obligation are very limited. Are you interested in renting? We will ask you to make an optional reservation for a specific period/number of people first. The benefit being that once we get all the 'hard stuff' ('what does it cost?') out of the way, the only thing left is for you to experience the look and, more important yet: the feel, of the house for yourself.  An approach affective and efficient all at once. 

Space, privacy and lots of greenery
Covering an area of ​​more than 400 m2, divided over fifteen bedrooms and seven living areas, this is understandably a very popular location. A dune farm from 1830 with modern extension, close to the randstad and yet country-like and secluded, within walking distance of the sea and beach. The ideal accommodation for a multi-day stay for up to 30 people.

So many possibilities, so much space, all that greenery and how about that peaceful atmosphere!  What is not unique about this house? These are some of the features distinguishing ZeeVELD.

So many square meters, so many bedrooms, so many different spaces for different purposes, so close to the sea and the beach, so privately located: this matches no other accommodation.

One step outside, and you are in one of the largest national parks in our country: the Noordhollands Duinreservaat, a designated Natura 2000 site. Wherever you look: nature! Trees and pasture, grass and greenery. The nearest thoroughfare is more than 400 meters away. Here you really get away from it all. Once parked, you don't have to see your car anymore.

The entire house is exclusively at your disposal. When you are here, there are no other guests or groups in the house. Because it is such a spacious house, one can allways  withdraw. Yes, you can all be together, but you don’t have to be. Such a luxury!

Coziness and convenience
ZeeVELD is self-sufficient. Organizing things amongst yourself definitely contributes to an atmosphere of togetherness. The kitchen therefore is fully equipped and has a more than extensive inventory. But would you rather be cared for? Elsewhere on this website we recommend various caterers.

The chapel of the house can also be rented. This atmospheric space - the old part of the farm, which is virtually unspoilt - is approximately 93m2 in size. A perfect place for meditative purposes. Here you can see the ground plan and dimensions of the chapel.  Please note the two pillars that carry the roof.

Authenticity and character
Values ​​such as authenticity and character are hard to substantiate. And yet these values make ZeeVELD a class of its own. Our mission, the house, the layout, the furnishings - nothing here is standard, predictable or "a la mode". Last but not least, ZeeVELD sits on a strong energy field. All things together make it into a truly unique venue. You will immediately feel at home.

Reviews for this group accommodation
Nothing but superlatives and praise for this group accommodation from previous visitors. Read their reviews here.


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