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Transitium ZeeVELD

Q and A

Alternative local accommodations

Hotel Koningsbosch. Boutique hotel. At walking distance: a five minute walk through the woods.   

Het Zonnige Veld. Bed and Breakfast, at a five minute drive from ZeeVELD. 

Het Peperhuis. Bed and Breakfast, at a ten minute drive from ZeeVELD.

Or try any of these booking platforms: Airbnb, VRBO, of Natuurhuisje

Dishwasher tablets

You do not need dishwasher tablets. Our professional Meiko dishwasher provides you with everything you need. Do not add extra detergents. 


The green room, the smallest room in the house, has a television with built-in DVD player. With a little inching and pinching, this room can fit six to seven people.

Projector, television screen, tuner/amplifier
When renting the chapel, see under 'Chapel' for audio/video in relation to training sessions and meetings. We have a projector, XXL television screen and tuner/amplifier with speakers. The television screen can be connected to a laptop via HDMI cable for presentations. Make sure your laptop has an HDMI port beforehand, or bring an adapter.

Playing music in general
Playing music other than meditative music is absolutely not allowed. ZeeVELD is situated in the dunes and the accommodations are not soundproof. Sound carries far here and we do not have a license for parties or music. Therefore, the house is not suited for holding parties or meetings that include dancing.

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellations, the renter pays a remuneration, depending on the time of cancellation. The amount comes to 25% when canceling more than six months before the start date; 50% within four to six months; 75% within two and four months and 100% of the agreed rental sum when canceling within a month of the start date. Most insurers offer a cancellation insurance.

We would strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance which provides cover against loss of deposit or cancellation fees. See, for instance here. 

In case you organize a stay at ZeeVELD for individual participants, also make sure your own cancellation policy vis a vis your participants is clear and robust. Also advise your participants to take out their own individual travel insurance.

Cancellation and Force Majeur
a. If in the case of force majeure tenant has to cancel the reservation, the regular cancellation charges apply. Tenant shall not be obliged to pay any damages. Force majeure are circumstances outside of tenant’s control.

b. If in the case of force majeure landlord is unable to execute the agreement, the tenant has the right to a refund of rent already paid. Landlord shall not be obliged to pay any damages. Force majeure are circumstances outside of landlord’s control.

Car traffic on the grounds.

Half of the entrance gate is permanently locked to avoid car traffic on the grounds. The distance from the gate to the front door is 55 meters. There is a cart available for luggage, food, drinks etc.


Burgmeyer bakery delivers freshly baked rolls and breads to your house. Daily delivery except for Sundays. For deliveries above 25 Euros, call 0251-652948; Also see under Shops.


The house does not have a barbecue. Butcher Van der Poel includes a gas barbecue with the barbecue package you can order with them. They even provide vegetarian packages. Also see under Catering. If the weather is bad, you can place the barbecue under the roof at the conservatory's doors, so you can sit inside and the barbecue stays dry.

Projector screen.

When renting the chapel, a projector can be prepared for you. A projector screen is not necessary as you can project directly onto one of the white walls. Also see under 'Chapel'.

There is also a large television screen available. This comes free of charge.


The manager lives elsewhere on the premises. You can turn to him for practical questions that are not answered by, for instance, the 'Digital Caretaker' or the 'Paper Caretaker' waiting for you at the home (on the piano). This binder also contains his telephone number.

Delivery service groceries

Albert Heijn's delivery service delivers to the house. Please make sure the delivery happens when you are home. If you give Supermarket Deen a very precise grocery list, they will prepare your groceries for you and all you have to do is pick them up. Deen does want precise information on brands/types/possible alternatives.

Also see above under Bakery.

Useful: liquor store Nolet does not only deliver at home, but they will also take back anything you have left over. See: They can also provide a tap, rinsing tanks, extra glasses, bar tables, etc.

Groceries other
See below under 'Shops' for grocery stores close by.

Flower vases

There are flower vases in many shapes and sizes.

Neighbors and outdoor area

ZeeVELD consists of three buildings: the main building, which houses a maximum of 27 guests, the Janhuis, with room for four guests, and the Stafhuis, where the manager lives. The complex is situated in an isolated green area, but sound carries far in the dunes.

This is why we have the following house rules:

Playing music outside is never allowed;
Music inside: never amplified and not after 11:00 pm;
Staying outside: not after 11:00 pm;
Outdoor activities: no games (with the accompanying noise) on the grounds themselves; there are ample opportunities in the area;


See elsewhere on this website under:catering.

Dune Access Tickets

Adults need a dune access ticket to walk or cycle in the dunes. Day or week tickets can be purchased via the machine at the Noorderstraat car park. Costs: 1.80 per day or 5.50 per week. Dune access tickets can also be ordered online here. Or stop by the reception of Hotel Koningsbosch, five minutes walk from ZeeVELD. No hassle with a vending machine and you also get a receipt.

Strictly speaking, you need a dune access ticket as soon as you step outside the fence, other than to walk to the parking lot. ZeeVELD is in fact located in the dune reserve and this is only accessible to those who have a dune card.

Dune walking and cycling routes

A Dune walking and cycling map is available for you in the house. You can also obtain it from Visitors Centre De Hoep of the dune reserve. 

In the red (or green) information folder you will find in the house, there are also sheets showing all the paths in the immediate vicinity and for example also indicate the way to the beach. You can also download these here. 

Bicycles: renting and storage

Bicycle rental
We warmly recommend all our guests to rent some bicycles. Even if you don't rent them for your entire group, renting some bicycles just to have them on hand if some enthusiasts want to go have a quick dive into the sea gives your stay just that little bit extra. Book them on time, and when you arrive at ZeeVELD the bicycles will be ready and waiting for you.

  • Kruijswijk Tweewielers from Castricum rents out bicycles with 7 gears, electric bicycles with an 80 km reach, a carrier bicycle, children's seats, a bicycle cart, trail-a-bikes and bicycle bags on a daily rent basis. Kruijswijk does not rent out children's bicyles.
  • At Fietsverhuur Schoorl it is easy to book several types of bicycles online. Minimum rental period is three days.
  • ​Various kinds of bicycles can also be rented at a restaurant at 10 minute distance: Johanna's Hof : or call 0251-652486. 

A walking and cycling map is available for you at the home. You can also order one at Information Center De Hoep of de dune reservation: or 0251-661066. In the information folder in the home you will also find several sheets detailing all paths in the direct surroundings, and the path to the beach. You can already download it here.

Bicycles can only be parked outside. There are two parking spots to charge electric bicycles. 

Flip chart

There are two flip charts which will be ready for you on request, including paper and markers.

Fondue/grilling/hot plates

Fondues, grilling or hot plates are unfortunately not allowed. The refectory's ventilation is insufficient

Sound systems

In the chapel you find a Hifi-speakersystem. Suitable for Bluetooth or wired 'tulip' connection from your laptop or mobile phone.  

Amplified music outside is never allowed, inside not after 10 PM. Upon request we have a extra small portable speaker available (JBL Flip5) for Bluetooth connection from laptop or mobile phone.

Lost and Found

Did you leave something behind? Mail us at: If we indeed did find it, we will be happy to send it back to you. Send us your address and € 17,50 for postage and handling to Stichting Jan XVII, IBAN: NL83TRIO 0338 6497 94; The BIC: TRIONL2U.  


A towel is included in the linen package. Also see under Linen package. Are you staying longer or planning to swim? Bring an extra (beach)towel.

Pets, service animals

Pets and service animals are not allowed. Even if they are very small and quiet and sweet. Pets are welcome at Burgers Dierenhotel in Egmond, in the local area.

Candles, candlesticks

On the dining room table are (oil)lights in transparent holders. If you want more candlelight, also bring your own 'real' tea lights and holders. It is not allowed to burn the tea lights without holders or to light candles or incense in the bedrooms.

For use in the chapel we have about 12 artificial tea lights available, in holders that make nobody recognizes them as artificial. We do not allow ‘candles’ as such (too dangerous) but you can bring your own 'real' tea lights and holders. 

Chapel facilities

When renting the house and chapel for ceremonail retreats, a max of 14 mattresses can be put down in the chapel. 

There is an amplifier with four speakers (one in every corner) and three subwoofers available. This connects with a splitter cable.

The following can also be prepared for you on request

  • Projector (3500 Ansi Lumen)
  • Flat screen (160 cm USB, HDMI) Please note: make sure your laptop can connect with HDMI and bring the right adaptor. 
  • Flip chart (2)
  • Yoga mats and bolsters (22)
  • Meditation mats, pillows and chairs (22)
  • 14 Matresses  

The television screen for presentations and the projector connect to your laptop via HDMI. Check beforehand if your laptop has an HDMI port, or bring an adapter.

On this drawing you also see the ground plan and the dimensions of the chapel. Note the two pillars. They carry the roof. 

Kitchen equipment

New in our kitchen: a combi steam oven, the Rational iCombi® Pro XS 6-2/3 E

The kitchen also has a hot water tap (coffee kitchen), a water boiler, three XXL fridges, a table model freezer with 3 drawers, a professional dishwasher and a six-burner gas stove with a large and smaller oven.

Plates, glasses and cutlery: there is a lot of it, including champagne glasses.

Also included with the kitchen equipment: food processor, blender, (hand)mixer, cake tins (2x), apple pie tins (2x), thermos for tea (4x) and coffee (4x), water jugs, wine decanters large and small, (also) large cooking pans, baking pans, wok pans, grill pans and sauce pans, 12 oven dishes in various sizes, toaster for four slices of bread, panini-maker, juicer.

There are several coffee machines: a fully automatic WMF (at extra cost; beans included), a drip coffee maker (Bravilor) with filters (bring your own ground coffee) and a Nespresso machine with milk frothers (bring your own cups).

There are some back-up dried herbs available. Please replenish or notify us if they are running low.

Kitchen towels, kitchen paper, foil, cleaning wipes and sponges are also provided, as well as dishwashing brush, dishwashing liquid and dishwashing tablets.

Attention regular oven: because the large oven is a large oven, it takes about 45 minutes to preheat. The adjacent small oven heats much faster. 

Deep fryer
There is no deep fryer, and deep frying is not allowed. The kitchen and adjacent dining room have low beam ceilings and the smell would simply linger too long.

Linen package

The linen package is included in the rental price. It contains duvet and mattress cover, pillow cover, towel, washing cloth. Are you staying longer or planning to go to the beach? Bring an extra towel and beach towel.

We will gladly make your beds for you on request for surcharge. 

Kitchen cloths, cleaning wipes and sponges are also provided.

If any linen lacks: the linen room is next to the door to the garden room, more or less opposite the entree room/library. 

Extra pillows, duvets and blankets can be found in three spots: in the closet under the stairs opposite room 5, in the closet in the hallway next to room 13; and in the closet on the landing opposite rooms 14 and 15. 

Extra pillows, duvets, blankets

Extra pillows, duvets and blankets can be found in three spots: in the closet under the stairs opposite room 5, in the closet in the hallway next to room 13; and in the closet on the landing opposite rooms 14 and 15. 

If any linen lacks: the linen room is next to the door to the garden room, more or less opposite the entree room/library. .

Meditation mats

There are 25 meditation mats (70 x 90 cm) and 25 meditation pillows and 20 yoga mats (rubber, thicker type). Available for use in the chapel upon request.

Disabled persons

We regret that the house is not suitable for people with disabilities. There are many steps in the house and the bathrooms and toilets are not large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.


If required, you can park motorcycles on the grounds instead of the parking lot. Please contact us about this before arriving.


There are two wood burners: one stove in the entrance hall and a wood burner with glass door in the conservatory with a lovely view of the fire. Fire starting material and fuel is available.

If required, we can ready a fire pit or outdoor stove for you outside.

Loading you electric car

Make sure you arrive with fully loaded batteries. Upload before arrival. There is no loading station at ZeeVELD or the nearby parking place. It is strictly prohibited to charge your batteries through a regular socket: the protection of the natural environment, demands that the grounds remain free of cars. 

Horse riding/riding school

In Castricum itself, see: Reuring op Stal. In Egmond aan de Hoef: Manege Groot.


Route: leave the gate, go right onto the sandy path, walk for four minutes until you come across a sign on the left hand: turn left onto the forest path: Hotel Koningsbosch. At the end of this path: Restaurant Aan het Bosch.

  • Guesthouse Het Ruiterhuys, ten minute walking distance through the forest

Route: leave the gate, go right onto the sandy path, walk for seven minutes until you reach the Heereweg. Cross the Heereweg and into the little road directly across. After one more minute: Guesthouse Het Ruiterhuys.


See above under People with disabilities.

Seniors - Suitable?

Seniors, with or without walking stick or walker, seem to do reasonably well here, depending on their physical condition. There is a double bedroom on the ground floor with en-suite bathroom, and another single bedroom on the ground floor (with elevated bed and view of the grasslands) directly across from the shower and toilet in the hall.


Main entrance
You will receive notice about acquiring the front door key before arrival.

The individual bedrooms do not have keys unless requested.

Half of the entrance gate is permanently locked to avoid car traffic. Please contact us beforehand if you want to unlock this part of the gate for some reason. Some catering services - 'food trucks' - would like to park closer to the house.


Ball games and sport activities in the garden around ZeeVELD are not allowed and the grasslands around ZeeVELD are off-limits, but there is a great sports and games area at five minutes walking distance through the forest.

To get there: take a left after leaving the ZeeVELD grounds outside the gate, as if walking back to the parking lot. When you arrive at the fork in the road - with a sign with tourist information on both sides - go left again. After walking for about three minutes through the forest, you will see the playground, including a balance bar, on your right side.

If you want to organize a small event here, let us know beforehand. We will let the forest rangers at PWN know so they know about it.

Also see under Outdoor activities.


Walking or cycling
It takes about 40 minutes to walk to the beach through the dunes via the Noorderstraat, or about ten minutes by bike. You will reach Strandslag Scheilaan (called 'Schellaan' on the map). A quiet beach without pavilions or anything. The red information binder in the bookcase in the front room has a map to show you the way. You can take a look at it at home here beforehand.

By car
You can always take the car via another road (the Zeeweg) towards the beach Castricum aan Zee. There is entertainment to be found here. About ten minutes away from Zeeveld. The beach pavilion we hear the best stories about: Deining.

Shuttle Services from Schiphol Airport

See at the bottom of this page.  


  • Taxi Zwart: 072-5331313
  • Haarlem Schipholtaxi: 023-8 888 888.

There are no taxis at the NS station. Call Taxi Zwart before you leave home and they will pick you up at the station.


The Green Room, the smallest room in the house, adjacent to the refectory, has a television with built-in DVD player and Google Chromecast Dongle. About six people will fill the room up. The television cannot be moved.

A large XXL screen can be placed in the chapel for presentations.

Pre-overnight stays

If required, you can extend a two-night weekday stay with a pre-overnight stay. You are more than welcome from 9:00 pm on the day before the start of your stay. The costs are 61 Euros per person for the first 13 guests, and less as you choose a pre-overnight stay for more guests. Experience shows that a pre-overnight stay adds a lot of value to your stay, as you don't have to 'arrive' and you can keep a clear head.


A campfire is not allowed due to the accommodation being situated in a nature reserve. We do however have an outdoor fire bowl. Use the wood of the wood burning stove. Barbecues are also allowed, see under Catering. 


The front house and the annex have central warming with radiators and central (clock)thermostats and room thermostats. All of the house has excellent warming with this.

The chapel has hot air heating and floor heating. Both are on a timer that can be adjusted by hand. Instructions are next to the thermostats.

The conservatory can only be warmed with a wood burner. A conscious choice to intensify the experience of connecting with nature and the elements. For groups that spend a lot of time in the chapel, we advise appointing a 'fire master'. This keeps it cozy in the conservatory.

Stay duration - options

Working days
A stay covers one or several periods of 36 hours: arrival from 08:00 in the morning and departure no later than 16:00 the following afternoon.

24 hours?
A stay of 24 hours, from 16:00 on the day of arrival to 16:00 the following day, is possible as well. Costs: 85% of the total costs of a 36-hour stay.

Single day stay with pre-overnight stay
A single day stay with a pre-overnight stay is possible on working days as well, with arrival from 20:00. The costs are 75% of the total rental sum that would apply to a 36-hour stay.

Arrival from 17:00 on Friday, departure no later than 17:00 on Sunday (weekend).

Extended weekends
Arrival on Thursday at 17:00 or departure on Monday at 17:00. The extra costs amount to 35% of the total (regular) weekend rental sum.

Grassland at the house

The grasslands around ZeeVELD is off-limits. The farmer that uses it takes very good care of it. A little further along the dunes is a large playground: leave the gate, go left, go left again, walk for three minutes and you're there when you leave the forest. It has a picnic table and a balance bar, among other things.


Directly outside the entrance gate - at the information sign in Noorderstraat parking lot - is the starting point of three marked walking routes of three, seven and seventeen kilometers respectively. You can find a Walking and Cycling Map with these routes at the house. You can also order this at the dune reserve's information center De Hoep: or: 0251-661066.

The red information binder in the bookcase in the entrance hall also has A4 pages with all routes in the area and the route to the beach. You can study this at home here beforehand. Also see under Outdoor activities.


A separate space next to the chapel has a washing machine and dryer for your use. There is also washing detergent available you may use freely.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper, air fresheners and toilet soap are available.


There is good WiFi all over the house. Password: MONOS01! 

Note: to be safe
Malfunctions or not properly working connections/incompatible devices can never be completely excluded. So make sure to bring information for a presentation, for example, on a USB stick or disc, or make sure to bring an extra laptop.

If you really have to be connected to the internet - make sure you are able to connect to your own provider before arrival.

The renter is not liable if the internet connection unexpectedly does not work.


In the center of Castricum village, you find two streets, Torenstraat en Dorpsstraat, with many different stores. Among them Supermarket DekaMarkt, Torenstraat 48, 1901 EG Castricum.  

Organic Food
Ekoplaza, Torenstraat 34 1901EE Castricum + 31 (0) 251 654 916

Shopping Mall 
You also can find many stores at shopping mall Geesterduin in Castricum. Albert Heijn, liquor store, flowers, fishmonger, etc. Geesterduin 27/29 1902EJ Castricum. Very easy by car, rather far away by bike.

Supermarket nearby
You can find a Dekamarkt Supermarket with decent selection, including liquor store, nearby in Egmond-Binnen. Open on Sundays and closes at 9:00 pm on weekdays. Abdijlaan 20 1935BH Egmond Binnen 072-5066468.

Cakes and pies
Patisserie De Roset, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 17, 1091EP Castricum, 0251-652386. 

Freshly baked bread

  • Bakery Burgmeyer, Torenstraat 40a, 1901EE Castricum, 0251-652948; 
  • Van Vessem, Dorpsstraat/Bakkerspleintje 56, 1901EN Castricum;
  • Brakenhof, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 34, 1901ET Castricum

Home Delivery also delivers to the Noorderstraat. You do have to be at home to pay for the delivery. Please note that this delivery service can only deliver at Zeeveld from the agreed start of the rental period.

Flowers and plants
For beautiful flowers and bouquets: Baltus, Heerenweg 25, 1935 AB Egmond-Binnen: 072 506 1488

A useful overview of the shops and addresses you might need, can be found under Tips in our Digital Concierge.

Yoga lessons

Flow of Yoga is a yoga school in Castricum that also organizes lessons at ZeeVELD on request, both beginner and advanced lessons. Contact Nico Kruis. The extra costs for renting the chapel during a weekend stay: 300 Euros per 4 hours. Chapel rental is included in regular weekday prices, i.e. not during Holidays such as Christmas etc. 

Yoga mats

There are 20 yoga mats available. We will make them available at your request.


See under Beach.

Terms and Conditions and House Rules

You can find our Terms and Conditions and House Rules here.


You will find soap dispensers bedrooms and bathrooms. 

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