Transitium ZeeVELD

Sleeping facilities

ZeeVELD offers you 16 bedrooms 

Main house: 16 rooms, 23-28 people

The dormitory of the main house  has 16 rooms for up to 28 people:

Room 1: double; private bathroom
Room 2: single

Room 3: single or double with folding bed
Room 4: single

Room 5: single - adjacent to bathroom
Room 6: double - adjacent to bathroom

Bonus room: single (or double when using the extra folding bed) You find this bonus room when exiting the hallway through the white door next to room No 6. The same door you use when going to the sauna.
Room 7:  single - adjacent to bathroom
Room 8:  double

Room 9:  single with private bathroom, which can also be shared with others if you choose to do so. 

Room 10: double 

Room 11: double (or triple when using folding bed); private bathroom
Room 12: double (or triple when using folding bed); private bathroom

Room 13: double; private bathroom
Room 14: single or double when using folding bed. adjacent to bathroom
Room 15: single - adjacent to bathroom 

A bedroom with its own sanitary facilities for every guest? 
Come with eight guests and each of you has a private bathroom: 5 rooms have this en suite, in the own room (rooms 1, 9, 11, 12 and 13) and 3 guests have this in the corridor immediately adjacent to the room: 6, 7 and 15.

Nine bedrooms are on the ground floor, six on the first floor. They all have their own sink and a view of greenery: the court yard garden or the meadows of the Zeeveld. The beds are single and have very good mattresses.

There are no facilities for the disabled.

Bathrooms and toilets
In the bedrooms: 5 bedrooms have their own toilet/shower
In the hallways: 7 toilets and 4 showers

See the floor plan here. 

Out of the room, out of the box
A retreat or business stay in ZeeVELD always wants to get things moving. Change or renew. Sharing a bathroom appears to help. Physically having to leave the comfort zone of your own room also helps to do this mentally. Unconsciously our "out of the room" bathrooms, promote "out of the box" thinking. Which is why we like to mention them as a distinctive quality.

Adjacent 'Jan House': 2 rooms, for four to six people

Click here for availability, prices and booking.

Would you like 18 separate bedrooms or are you coming with more than 31 people? Then you can also rent the two bedrooms of The Janhuis directly adjacent to the main house. You can accommodate up to six people here.

Room 1: double (or triple when using folding bed); adjacent to toilet / shower
Room 2: double (or triple when using a folding bed); with infrared sauna; opposite toilet / shower

Both bedrooms are on the first floor.

Bathrooms and toilets
In the corridors: 2 toilets, 1 shower

This house can only be rented through an independent booking platform. Click here for availability, prices and booking.

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