Duinboerderij ZeeVELD
Stichting Jan XVII
Noorderstraat 2

How to get there

Digital Concierge
Download the Digital Concierge in ITunes or Google Play Store.  The ideal app for route descriptions to the house and other uselful information. Your log in code: 3088. 

By car
Immediately on arriving at Noorderstraat, you pass a big sign on your right saying ‘Ingang Noordhollands Duinreservaat – Noorderstraat’.  Stop here and park your car on the parking site (meadow) immediately on your left. Having parked your car, now walk back to Noorderstraat (away from the main road) and a little further on, on your right, you will see a ticket machine selling dune acces tickets. Bypass this machine and walk on. Then, coming to a split in the road, take the street to your left. After about 50 meters you see a green gate on your right. This is ZeeVELD.

No cars allowed within the confines of the ZeeVELD property. Parking only at the meadow/carpark at entrance Noorderstraat. 

Public transportation
From Airport Schiphol/Amsterdam: train tickets and train station are within the airport. Trains run below the main hall. Take train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk (direction Amersfoort) 10 minutes. Take train from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Castricum (direction Den Helder) 20 minutes. Take Bus 164 (direction Egmond aan Zee) 10 minutes to Noorderstraat. Walk 3 minutes to retreat center (walk along parking area, turn left towards house). Total transportation cost: under €20.

For exact train schedules see:

To acquaint yourself with the rather complicated ticket buying system, see:

Taxi service from Schiphol Airport
If you chose to take a taxi from Schiphol, we recommend you use only authorized taxi service in front of the departure hall (ACA taxis) Cost in a private taxi to Castricum around €72, for shared taxi service about €60. See also: Schiphol: getting out and around.

Taxi Service from Train station Castricum
Make a reservation prior to arrival by calling +31 72 5331313