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Transitium ZeeVELD


Extra accommodation

There is also a smaller accommodation available on the terrain of ZeeVELD: The Janhuis. An intimate dune villa for up to six guests.

Ground floor: living room that faces a large garden, kitchen, bedroom, full bathroom,extra powder room;
first floor: two bedrooms, four beds, spacious bathroom;

For more information, availability and bookings, see: Janhuis in ZeeVELD.

More about the Janhuis
We cannot say anything better than the start that our guests give to the Janhuis: "comfort, facilities and furnishing: *****, Hygiene *****, hospitality *****, Surroundings (dunes, fields, forest, beach and sea) ***** Wifi *****.

"We have already been in a lot of holiday homes, but we have never encountered something so complete."

"A very complete home. Beautiful nature! Such great surroundings. You really feel immediately at home here. In the middle of the greenery of the North-Holland Dune reserve. This is such a special place."

Hiking, biking, reading, writing, making music, cooking or staring outside... This villa is more than just a holiday home on the coast for four people, it's a home for all seasons. The perfect place for those who enjoy nature and space. With an unusually beautiful location: in the North-Holland Dune reserve, on the property of a centuries old dune farm.

At walking distance from sea and beach.

Once installed you can hike or bike for days here without coming across even a single car. "An intimate manor house in the countryside", one guest called it. Not excessively big, not over-the-top, but definitely grand - there is for example a beautiful slate floor.

The garden, located in the South, is 14 meters wide and 40 (!) meters long. With a free location on the East and South side, separated by just a ditch from trees and forest, separated on the West side by a fence of branches and willows from the garden of the adjacent main house. You can park the car at the entrance of the dune reserve, four minutes walking from the house.

More than just a holiday home, this is a "real home" for all seasons.

For more information, availability and bookings, see: Janhuis at ZeeVELD.