Bicycle rental

We warmly recommend all our guests to rent some bicycles. Even if you don't rent them for your entire group, renting some bicycles just to have them on hand if some enthusiasts want to go have a quick dive into the sea gives your stay just that little bit extra. Book them on time, and when you arrive at ZeeVELD the bicycles will be ready and waiting for you.

  • Kruijswijk Tweewielers from Castricum rents out bicycles with 7 gears, electric bicycles with an 80 km reach, a carrier bicycle, children's seats, a bicycle cart and bicycle bags. Kruijswijk does not rent out children's bicyles. There is a minimum rental period of three days. Please book online at least three days in advance. Bikes will be delivered and picked up
  • Various kinds of bicycles can also be rented at a restaurant at 10 minute distance: Johanna's Hof : or call 0251-652486. 
  • At Fietsverhuur Schoorl it is easy to book several types of bicycles online. Minimum rental period is three days. Bikes will be delivered and picked up. 

Purchase dune ticket mandatory
Everybody who wants to cycle through the dunes and who is older than 18, needs to purchase an individual entry ticket. See here where you can get these. 

A walking and cycling map is available for you at the home. You can also order one at Information Center De Hoep of de dune reservation: or 0251-661066. In the information folder in the home you will also find several sheets detailing all paths in the direct surroundings, and the path to the beach. You can already download it here.