Terms and Conditions and House Rules associated with the rental of ZeeVELD

1. Payments

Upon non-timely payment of initial deposit and/or remaining invoice amount, administration costs of 17.50 will be charged to cover the reminder notice which will be sent by the Jan XVII Foundation, hereafter to be referred to as landlord. This will automatically be settled with the deposit. You will be required to pay an initial deposit of 25% of the net rental price. The deposit and the agreement, as signed by the tenant is to be in possession of the landlord within eight working days of the date of signing. The invoice balance is to be paid to the landlord, no later than 1 month prior to your stay. The landlord reserves the right to void the reservation if the tenant’s payment is late.

2. Amendment costs

If, following the establishment of the agreement you wish to make any changes to it, administration costs may be incurred. 

3. Cancellation charges

Upon cancellation of the reservation, tenant is to pay landlord a fee. This fee is a percentage of the net rental amount:

  • more than 6 months before the commencement date, 25%
  • within 4 to 6 months of the commencement date, 50 %
  • within 2 to 4 months of the commencement date, 75 %
  • within 2 months of the commencement date, 90 %
  • within one month of the commencement date, 100 %

We would strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance which provides cover against loss of deposit or cancellation fees. See, for instance, here.  

In case you organize a stay at ZeeVELD for individual participants, also make sure your own cancellation policy vis a vis your participants is clear and robust. Also advise your participants to take out their own individual travel insurance. 

See also under 12: Force Majeur

4. Cancellation instruction

The instruction by tenant to landlord to reserve the accommodation is immediately binding as soon as the fee and dates of stay are agreed upon. Upon cancellation the relevant fee schedule is applicable.  

5. Collection costs

Costs associated with unexpected debt collection will be charged to the tenant.

6. House rules

In order for everyone’s stay to be as pleasant as possible, all or guests must conform to our house rules as stated underneath. The tenant will observe the house rules and failure or insufficient compliance with the house rules will be result in a deduction from the deposit at the land lord’s discretion. Gross violations of house rules can result in extreme consequences such as removal from the accommodation, without refund of rent or any part thereof.

7. Liability

The foundation/landlord is not liable for any nuisance, damage and/or accidents incurred in any way by the tenant and/or fellow users in or around the Zeeveld building complex. The tenant is liable for all damage caused by him or his co-tenants to furniture, inventory and/or the building. Damage or loss will be deducted from the deposit, or tenant to compensate in addition thereof.

8. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted inside the house.

9. Domestic and service animals

Domestic and service animals are not permitted.

10. Linen

Is provided by the landlord. Beds to be made by the tenant himself and stripped on departure. Insofar as the provided linen does not appear to have been used, the tenant will be charged for cleaning costs of duvet, mattress and pillow cases.

11. Receiving third parties

Tenant will not, without prior consultation with the landlord, make the accommodation available to third parties.

12. Force Majeure

a. If in the case of force majeure tenant has to cancel the reservation, the regular cancellation charges apply. Tenant shall not be obliged to pay any damages. Force majeure are circumstances outside of tenant’s control.

b. If in the case of force majeure landlord is unable to execute the agreement, the tenant has the right to a refund of rent already paid. Landlord shall not be obliged to pay any damages. Force majeure are circumstances outside of landlord’s control.

13. Complaints

Any complaints or defects noted must be reported to the foundation as soon as possible following arrival. Everything possible will be done to resolve your complaint. If this is not done to your satisfaction you can put your complaint to us in writing, no later than one month after the first day of the rental period. The foundation’s liability is at all times limited to the net rent amount.

14. Handover  

You are not required to do any cleaning, just leave the property looking tidy. This means: • all refuse (bags), paper and carton to de deposited in the appropriate containers by the bike shed; strip the beds (not: the molton, the mattress- and pillow protectors) put the linen in the pink bags and place in the hallway; ensure the dishwashers are empty and all cooking and tableware is clean and back in the cupboards; do not leave any food or drink; put everything back as you found it on arrival. 

Where these terms are not met, any additional work needed to be performed will be reasonably settled from the deposit, at the landlord’s discretion.

House Rules 

These House Rules have been prepared because of the nature and intended use of this accommodation and in connection with its location in a nature reserve. At the same time they reflect the philosophy, care and attention with which the complex is managed. The same care and attention are expected of the lessee. 

Non-compliance or insufficient compliance with the house rules may be set off against the deposit, to be determined reasonably at the discretion of the lessor. You agree to this by payment of the invoice. 

1. General peace and quiet

  • no amplified music to be made or played outside; 
  • no (loud) outside activities after 10:00 PM; 

2. Car, motor and trailer free 

Do not drive any further than the entrance gate. No motorised traffic is allowed on the premises. A hand lorry is available for loading and unloading. Also motors, campervans, trailers or bike trailers are not allowed on the premises. Free parking is available on the public parking nearby. Do not leave any valuables. People with walking difficulties may be dropped off at the front door. Please notify us beforehand.  

3. Other

  • Staying outside only in your own garden; not at the front door/fountain; behind any ‘Privé’ signs; on the adjoining farmer’s land
  • No pets
  • No indoor smoking candles or incense in the rooms 
  • No deep frying, fondue Bourguignonne, table grill;
  • No visits by third parties without prior consultation;