Three marked hiking trails
Right outside the entrance gate - at the information board located at the Noorderstraat parking lot - three marked trails start, respectively, three, seven and seventeen kilometers long.

In the information map you will find in the house there are A4s that show all the paths in the immediate area and, for example, indicate the road to the beach. You can also download it here.

More maps
A hiking and cycling map is available in the house. You can also buy one at the De Hoep Dune Information Center, Johannisweg 2, 1901NX CASTRICUM, e-mail: dehoep@pwn.nl, or call 0251-661066.

Three 'feel you way' walks
Three easy walks are the unmarked routes that lead in an ever larger circle around the 'Zeeveld': for every walk exit the gate, turn right, take the first gate to your right ( a small wooden gate) and then, again and again turn 'right'  whenever possible.

  • Your walk immediately around the 'Zeeveld' is some twenty minutes and gives you different and beautiful views of the main house.
  • You can extend this walk by - instead of taking the lane directly adjacent to the 'Zeeveld' - going along the Kroftlaan, one lane more to the west. Here you have a good view of the dune area. This is a walk of around 30 minutes.
  • An even longer round trip, where you take a lane yet more to the west: the Staringweg. Beautiful view of the bird’s pond. It takes about 45 minutes.

Taking a map is recommended; or else bring your phone so you can call the Alarm number 112 if you get lost. Yes, people get lost . All the benches have numbers so you can easily tell where you are.

Purchase of dune access tickets required
Everyone who wants to walk in the dune needs to purchase an individual ticket. These day and week cards can be bought through the machine at the Noorderstraat parking lot. To walk only from the parking lot to ZeeVELD you do not need a dune card.


Always recommended: rent bikes.  Book in advance and on arrival in ZeeVELD the bikes are ready for you.

  1. Kruijswijk Tweewielers from Castricum rents day-to-day city bikes with 7 gears and electric bikes with an action radius of up to 80km. Kruijswijk does not rent children's bicycles.
  2. Bike rental Schoorl makes it easy to book different types of bicycles online. The minimum rental period is three days.


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