ZeeVELD X: let us pamper you
Discover the barista inside yourself, step into a made-up bed, unwind in the sauna, let us unpack the groceries, ask the baker to bring you fresh bread rolls or let the liquor store take care of all your drinks: read all about ZeeVELD X here. Extra services for extra pampering. You can request each service separately with your reservation or you add it to your reservation later.

You too a barista!
Imagine yourself a true barista. With the push of a button of our fully automatic WMF coffee machine you can prepare every conceivable coffee specialty in an instant. Coffee (beans) and milk included. 

Our Sauna Circle consists of a Finnish sauna, outdoor shower, rain bucket, foot bath and cool down room.

Carefree arrival
Make arriving like coming home! Arrive in a kitchen with the pantry fully stocked. You can order your shopping from home through Albert.nl, we'll receive it, advance the payment, unpack and store everything.   

Carefree in bed – and out of bed
Let us make your bed and also strip it after you leave.

Wake up fresh
Bakery Burgmeyer delivers fresh rolls and bread at home in the morning. Daily, except on Sundays. For orders over € 25,- please call 0251-652948;

Arrive in good spirits
Save yourself the lugging and have  our liquor shop take care of the drinks for your stay. Anything that isn't used can be returned afterwards. 

koffiekeuken pantry
sauna buitenaanzicht
koffiekeuken achtermuur
sauna muur met emmer
koffiekeuken met pantry en gang
sauna van binnen
sauna met bloesem