Why do things the hard way.
Let us make the beds, do the groceries, or ask the bakery to deliver fresh rolls for breakfast.

Carefree arrival
Arrive in a kitchen with a full pantry. You can order your groceries from home through Albert.nl, we'll receive them, unpack them and store them. Coming home is that easy. Price: 65  

Carefree in bed – and out of bed
Let us make your bed and also strip it after you leave. Price per bed 17.50. And we'll also prepare an extra extra large bath tower for you.

Wake up fresh
Bakery Burgmeyer delivers fresh rolls and bread at home in the morning. Daily, except on Sundays. For orders over 25 euros please call 0251-652948;

Arrive in good spirits
Save yourself the lugging and have  our liquor shop take care of the drinks for your stay. Anything that isn't used can be returned afterwards.