Up to seven different rooms
ZeeVELD offers a seven different lounges and rooms. From the large clock conservatory with wood stove, the atmospheric dining room or refectory with beamed ceiling and the music or reading room with stove to a the intimate garden room. After consultation the chapel (95 m²) and two other rooms can be rented as well. This way you can all be together in this house, but also retreat into small groups.

Conservatory 1
Conservatory 3
chapelwithscreen closeup
Chapel circle
Entrance 2
Refectory 1
Sitting room behind bgg new 2018 top view
Conservatory fireplace
greenhouse table from back to front
ZeeVELD chapel with screen
chapel mats yellow
Entrance 1
Refectory without
Conservatory 2
screen closeup
Chapel singing
dining hall linen set